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  • Furn & Down Memory Ortho

    The Furn and Down Memory Ortho is a memory foam mattress with othopaedic springs.  The surface comfort layer of this mattress contains Memory Foam which moulds to the unique contours of your body, providing unrivalled comfort, support and pressure relief. Memory foam and Orthopaedic spring system Hand tufted Soft knit fabric Non-turn mattress

    £ 527.90
  • Furn & Down Aloe Vera

    The Furn and Down Aloe Vera is a memory foam mattress with exiquisitely soft fabric that is infused with Aloe Vera that helps stimulate a feeling of well being and rejuvenation.  The Aloe Vera helps provide a natuarally anti-bacterial healthy sleeping environment. Aloe Vera infused anti-bacterial fabric Memory foam mattress Hypo Allergenic Non-turn mattress

    £ 449.90
    • Medium Firm
  • Sareer Memory Coil Mattress

    The Sareer Matrah Memory Coil Mattress takes the spinal support benefits of a coil sprung mattress and blends this with a layer of body shape-moulding and pressure-point relieving memory foam. 

    £ 141.90
  • Sareer Reflex Plus Coil Mattress

    The Sareer Matrah Reflex Plus Coil Mattress combines a traditional open coil spring unit with an innovative reflex foam layer for a sleeping surface that priorities your comfort and support. The stretch soft micro quilted cover only adds to comfort levels.Open Coil Springs Reflex Foam Hypo-Allergenic Fillings Dust Mite Resistant No Need to Turn...

    £ 141.90
  • Sareer Cool Blue Memory Coil Mattress

    The supportive base layer of reflex foam and Cool Blue memory foam top Cool Blue Memory Foam Mattress has your comfort in mind. The lower support reflex foam layers distributes  body weight to alleviate pressure points, and provides the basis of support for the whole mattress. Reflex Foam Cool Blue Memory Foam Removable Zip Cover No Need to Turn...

    £ 152.90
  • Sareer Gel Coil Mattress

    The Sareer Matrah Gel Coil Mattress has two different mattress technologies to ensure the best night’s sleep possible. Using both an open coil spring unit and a Gel-Lex foam top gives you support and comfort in equal measure.Open Coil Springs Gel-Mem Foam Hypo Allergenic Dust Mite Resistant No Need To Turn No Roll Together Tufted Gel Infused...

    £ 163.90
  • Sareer Latex Coil Mattress

    Latex foam is a resilient and durable material, made from the sap of rubber trees. Furthermore, this mattress features a soft stretch mattress cover and quilted border, helping to solve the problem of overheating during the night.Open Coil Spring Unit 15cm Latex Foam top layer Fingers border Tufted mattress surface Hypoallergenic fillings Made in...

    £ 163.90